GEARS is a tool developed by VBCWE and Investing in Women to help businesses understand the issues, opportunities and strengths of their workplace gender equality (gender equality) strategy, thereby improving business results. business - includes revenue, return on investment, and company value. GEARS Tools:

  • As the first step in your journey towards gender equality in the workplace - a preliminary assessment that informs the progress toward implementing an overall strategy for gender equality in the workplace.
  • The analyzed data will help firms to rethink gender balance and labor mobility trends within firms.
  • Evaluate your business's policy and implementation compared to its practice in other leading companies.

The assessment process includes answering "Yes" or "No" questions across 10 key areas of gender equality and the final score will indicate the current state of gender equality in the company. GEARS also collects human resources data to assess the impact of gender equity strategies and practices on gender participation in businesses. VBCWE supports enterprises to analyze data and write reports on assessment results, give recommendations, timeframes and necessary resources to improve the current state of gender equality in enterprises.